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One crisp September morning I walked onto the grounds of a historical site in Wyoming. I found myself honored to be standing in a place of rich history and beauty. I noticed a small area with a picket fence in the distance. I figured it must have been an old well. It turned out to be the grave of a dog. My mind was set ablaze with questions. For the next two years I sought answers to those questions. In doing so, I stumbled upon an incredible story...really three stories held together by threads of loyalty, trust, and friendship.

Thornburgh is sold here on my website. It is also available for purchase at the following locations: 



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"I am writing to tell you how much I enjoyed Thornburgh. I appreciate the thoroughness of your research and I marvel at your clever, evocative descriptions. Where in the world do you find the words to bring such lively images to mind!?"

—  GR, Nebraska Reader

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