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Sawdust Heart Studios

"That night he was almost too happy to sleep, and so much love stirred in his little sawdust heart that it almost burst." 

- Margery Williams "The Velveteen Rabbit"

ARTIST: Jeanna Carley

The Artist's Perspective

For me art is about capturing life's contrasts. The quiet in a loud world, the humor in sadness or pain, and moments of pause in a life that's awfully fast-paced. I rarely know where the creative process will take me and what will come to pass when I begin to put pigment to paper or canvas, but this fluid and imperfect process allows me to find shapes and themes and meaning that "find me," rather than becoming the product of a forced pursuit. I am not an artist that can do the same type of creation over and over. With that, I have learned life reflects unpredictability and one can never fully control where you will end up or what you will see.

Other than an artist, I am an author, playwright, and a lover of history and nature. My interests across multiple avenues ensure I never grow bored with life.  My husband and I reside in the great state of Florida.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding my work, any pricing not indicated, or for information about scheduling Author Q&As.

Thank you for visiting my website - 

Jeanna (Pronounced "Gina")

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