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Commissioned Work Information

 For Commissioned PET PORTRAIT info click here.


I work with watercolor, alcohol ink, collage materials, oil, acrylic, ink/pencil mediums.  If you have an idea you would like to see come to fruition, I am happy to discuss the project in detail. I charge an hourly fee, plus materials, and I can generally give a close estimation of how many hours anticipated with the project. Art can be expensive; however, I enjoy seeing those on a budget able to achieve owning original artwork. We can discuss various options which may be helpful in aiding you to obtain original artwork.


I enjoy combining traditional watercolors with Dr. PH Martin's Fine Art Hydrus watercolors. I use layered washes, smooth gradations, and lots of texture and splatter. Example “A” is composed of  Dr. PH Martin's Fine Art Hydrus watercolors and ink.  Example “B” is using only traditional watercolors, which I am not at all opposed to using, yet my work is mostly known for its vibrant use of colors.




Some artists find working with acrylics challenging because of its fast dry time.  I add a favorite medium to the paint which slows down the dry time. Again, I love the vibrant colors acrylics can offer. Below are examples of acrylic on canvas, burlap, and paper which I have completed.  

Ronan Thornburgh 2021.jpg


Never Outfox the Fox_edited.jpg
Field Poppy 1.21.jpg

Acrylic on Paper

Acrylic Painted on Canvas


Acrylic Fox Painted on Silk Scarf


The third option is for those who love a vibrant, abstract style of impressionism.  Alcohol inks require a quick imagination, knowledge of how the inks work together (or against) each other, and an open window – unless you are looking for a buzz.  I enjoy this medium for its independent playful abilities. The pieces below were created using alcohol inks. This is a great option for those who favor artwork with a splash.

Alcohol Ink on Medium Yupo Paper


Commissioned Artwork

Alcohol Inks on Heavy Yupo Paper

Magnificent Monday Jellyfish

Alcohol Inks on Tile/Coasters



Finding the right piece of paper or print to create these pieces is pure fun. Collage art contains many pieces to capture an overall image.  A lot of time, thought, and planning goes into these pieces of art.

Live Wire


These works are created using not only brushes, but my hands, paper, markers, ink, paste, kitchen tools, dental tools, palette knives, and other fun things. Part of the fun of creating is finding the right tool/medium combination to express uniqueness.

Sandhill Crane on Silk.jpg

More Commissioned Work

Oil on bone.

Contact me via the contact tab expressing your interest in having some artwork created. I’ll contact you shortly to address questions and to discuss details regarding your desired artwork. I will give you an estimated fee based on how many hours it will take to complete the work. Summer is the best time for me to complete commission work, as I currently only do art shows during the fall/winter. If you choose to move forward, you can submit visual references and/or I can provide a simple sketch to capture your ideas.  Once this is all complete, The Process (see below) will begin.


The Process:

  1. Once the composition has been discussed and we have picked out some good references, or sketch has been approved, I’ll email you a secure payment link. I use Paypal or Stripe as payment providers, which accept all forms of debit and credit cards.  You can also pay by check and I will never refuse good old cash.  Unless other arrangements have been made, 50% of the full amount is due prior to starting any artwork, with the remaining 50% due at completion. No completed artwork will be released until final payment is completed.

  2. Once your painting is next in the queue, the painting process will begin. If you’d like, stages of the painting can be shared.  Some people like to be surprised, with the completed work being shown when finished.  It makes no difference to me.  I encourage you to choose whichever meets your needs during the painting process. Painting time varies depending on season, size, and complexity of the piece.

  3. Once the painting is complete, the proper archival fixative will be applied.  Drying time varies depending on medium. Once dry it will be shipped, packed, protected,  and insured.

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