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"Creative ideas can be sparked by having constant awareness of seeing situations and objects from an original, unconventional viewpoint." - Guy Lipscomb

This happy metal bow tie is evidence that Guy Lipscomb was most assuredly correct in his statement. Metal bow ties are made from repurposed aluminum aircraft parts and aircraft grade hardware. Pigment used is a combination of acrylic ink and alcohol inks. Each paperweight has its own distinct design, no two are alike.  Created using alcohol ink. Bowtie has a protective coating.


Custom Orders Accepted: You may request favorite color combinations by contacting me and I will do my best to create a combination which meets your visual needs. Custom Orders can take up to two weeks to ship. All completed works are sealed with fixative. Bow ties measure 4 X 1.75 inches.

SOLD Metal Bow Tie Commissions for similar product accepted.

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